1. The words are in my head, just not on the tongue.


  2. "Tomorrow"


  3. I feel fine and then i think “what if” and then it’s like oh that’s a nice sick feeling in my stomach


  4. I will take that as a no


  5. I would like to see some boobs right now


  6. Do you ever say, “I miss Brad”. 


  7. you know that sicky feeling in the pit of your stomach that you get when you think about things? yeah i’ve had it for the past 3 days.


  8. better than expected


  9. i’ll get over it


  10. put myself in a foul mood. 


  11. "I miss cuddles" cute little text.


  12. instagram where my mood goes to be saddened a little. meh


  13. wanting to die and wanting your life to end are two very different things.


  14. I fully accept that people will be more intelligent than me, I don’t like it when they see ignorance as something to be ridiculed or looked down upon rather than being informed.


  15. I miss morning breath kisses and morning sex