I am sad and I need a puppy

Today I stayed in bed until one but finally made breakfast at like 1:30 hehe and I did allll my laundry and I watched 3 episodes of orange is the new black and played animal crossing and saw Sami and bought a DVD called “puppy party” and an adventure time DVD with 16 episodes involving princesses and then I went to the grocery store and made dinner off if Pinterest and it looked nothing like it but I’m still very proud of my semi-productive yet relaxing day😎

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I’m an adult, but not like a real adult


sex tip!! when he puts it in, yell ‘what are u doing in my swamp’

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Anonymous asked: The love that you and Dan share gives me a lot of hope that I too will meet someone like that in my life. Many wishes of happiness and joy upon the both of you. :) <3


This is so so sweet thank youu☺️




omg did u see that ghost

When I saw that and thought it can’t get better

it did

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You will have days where you feel better, and you will have days where you want to die. Both are okay. There is no magical cure. You just need to close your eyes, and trust that the waves will pass, and soon you’ll be able to breathe again.



You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger.

I can’t believe I’m even more beautiful than I think I am this is incredible where’s my modeling contract

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